Fairtrade Mark

The Fairtrade Mark guarantees that the workers have been paid a fair price and have good working conditions. The Fairtrade Foundation decides whether companies can be awarded the Fairtrade Mark for particular goods. Its ‘Charter of Fair Trading‘ stands for:
Buying from producers or suppliers, who provide fair wages and good conditions, including the right to organise trade unions.
Paying a fair price, which reflects production costs and the quality of the product, plus a margin for investment.
Providing credit to protect the producer against uncertainties and exploitation. Encouraging equality for women and men.
Identifying and encouraging environmentally sustainable production.
Establishing stable trading relationships based on quality, continuity and mutual support.
(taken from People Friendly Coffee - Christian Aid)

What you can do

Look for the Faidtrade Mark when buying coffee, tea, cocoa, chocolate, sugar, honey, biscuits, cakes, fresh fruit and wine. In Burley fairtrade goods can be bought at :

Co-op on Main Street opposite Methodist Church
Wharfedale Deli, 107, Main Street